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Originally Posted by BigCliff View Post
I have a much less passionate dislike of Orvis, and I actually worked there for a while too. I think in general they take good care of their customers, and likely have increased the average standard of customer care in the fly tackle industry in doing so, which is bound to be a good thing.

Capn' Jack, I mean in no way to imply that you are making baseless accusations, nor am I shocked to hear that Orvis would create such a kloosterfooken. (swedish?)

My beef with Orvis is that they are not mainly manufacturers, but marketers. They make rods, and have the production of the rest of their products sourced to be manufactured by other companies. (Those of you who recall my praise for ECHO and TFO might think I don't apply this mindset evenly, but I like the new co's out there selling great gear at great prices with great warrantys) I like Simms, Sage and Waterworks/Lamson, because they are doing the cutting edge development, manufacturing, and marketing of their products more self-sufficiently.

They also have (used to have?) very restrictive rules for independent retailers wanting to carry their products. It was kind of an all or nearly-nothing-and-crappy-prices arrangement from what I recall.

Cliff, who is the OEM for their reels?

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