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Default Re: How Many Flies Do You Lose In A Outing?

It seems all of my answers are "it depends" and again in this case it does.

I voted more than 10 because if I am not getting hung up some I am not getting my fly in the zone I am looking for. Especially this time of year. Most of the time when floating rivers and nymphing I fish tandem rigs and commonly loose both flies. I usually have a large stonefly nymph and a smaller dropper. The stonefly is very heavy to get the setup to the bottom quickly. It tends to snag alot. On a normal day of that I will loose a dozen or even two. It is just part of it and I go out well stocked.

Pounding the banks with streamers I loose a few also. I throw as close to, or in the cover, which is overhanging trees and/or submerged logs. The water is usually fairly swift and it is too much work to row back up to it most of the time.

When I am casting drys or fishing stillwater, I rarely loose a fly.

Last week while nymphing for steelhead I lost every fly I had in my favorite pattern. I took 3 dozen with me thinking that would be plenty for 2 days, but the runs were very snaggy. ALOT of old line. I did loose one to a very large fish about 15 minutes into the fight. Heartbreaker. I HATE breaking fish off after I have worked so hard to hook them. It was a big smart fish and the tippet was very, very worn.

Gregorykicks, it sounds like the flies you are purchasing are not tied very well. It does not sound like a head problem as they are coming undone in the rear. I would try a different source and see what happens. Alot of times I will continue to fish a ragged fly and still catch plenty of fish. Looks a little more buggy. Good luck and keep at it.
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