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Default Hello from South Carolina

I'm primarily a bream fisherman, no bonefish, salmon, swordfish, tarpon,grayling, sailfish, etc., - maybe a bass with poor eyesight or even a wayward catfish. I would trout fish if I could find a trout stream. I fish mostly in farm ponds. My fly casting style is as Pat MacManus described, a woman chasing a bat with a broom. At best, it ain't a thing of beauty to watch and I don't go into orgasmic delight at the sight of a fish rising. We do practice "catch and release" - into hot peanut oil. I like a 8 1/2 or 9' rod, using a 5,6 or 7 wf line. I use wet or dry flies, even nymphs, some small popping bugs. I found something that looked like a piece of belly-button lint the other day and when it stuck in my finger, I found that I had a size 22 or 24 fly attached to my anatomy, and (Horrors!) use the same line and leader - if I want it to sink, I either wait until it gets good and wet or switch to an old (1950's) HDH Cortland line. I dress my line occasionally - maybe annually. Oh, another reason to be considered an outcast, I use an ancient Perrine or Martin automatic reel - I think I might be able to live with one of the non-automatic single action reels - I have a very old Montgomery Ward model that operates more like a cheap grindstone so I just don't use it but can't throw it away. Having just passed my 72nd birthday, I'm looking for a "really good" rod and reel. I would ask you more experienced members to recommend that costs less than a new car. I've considered Sage but there are probably rods that are as good or better maybe just without the snob appeal(I don't drive a Beamer, just a noisy old Ford diesel). The fish I encounter are not impressed with brand names and I'm too damned old to try to impress anybody I might be fishing with. I think I would prefer American Made but I'm open to options. My old rods are graphite rods that I've made myself 2 Jann's blanks and 1 Fenwick World Class. Oh, and I don't know whether to trust 4 piece rods - I think I might prefer a 2 piece. Can anyone suggest a rod and reel that would fit an angler like me or should I check the salvage stores? dunno.

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