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Default Re: Bream Fly Fishing - By Cliff Hilbert

Bream and shellcracker fishing constitutes most of what fishing I do anymore and I love it. When a "not-so-sharp" Bass or a wayward catfish decides to eat that funny-looking bug, it's a big surprise but for just plain "fishing for my soul" you can't beat bream and shellcracker fishing. If you haven't tried wet flies for shellcrackers (they bed in deeper water, usually a couple of weeks before the bream) you're missing a lot of fun. Patterns don't impress them, nor does my skill (or lack thereof) in casting. The nondescript "bugs" that I tie look like "let's eat" to them whether wet, dry or just soggy. I can have more fun fishing over a bream bed than a junkie can have with a 5-gallon bucket of cocaine. It's so much fun it probably oughta be illegal. I'm working on getting my fly tackle organized (that's a joke) and waiting impatiently for warm weather. I've been to the pond several times with meal worms just to see if there's anything happening but so far - nothing. Each year winter is a little more distressing and my joints ache a little more. I'm just not a cold weather person.
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