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Default Re: Bream Fly Fishing - By Cliff Hilbert

Nice article. Fishing flies for bream is what initially got me interested in FFing. A high school buddy started making his own flies and gave me some to use one spring day when they were up on the beds but very spooky. Back then we didn't have fly rods, so we would just fling them out there as far as we could with our spinning tackle. By far our best success came by tying on a small popper followed by a 3' leader with an ant or nymph pattern tied on. About 75% of the fish were caught on the ant and about 25% on the popper although the the fish we caught on the popper tended to be much larger in size. We would use this tecnique in heavily fished lakes and would outfish everyone around use who was using crawlers and such. Not that it was ever a competition, just a testament to the effectiveness of our method.

Shortly after being introduced to this method I just had to have a fly rod. I up and at the spring sports show and bought a $20 diawa 6/7wt reel, some bargain bin 9wt line that wasn't even WF (I believe I used 12 lbs. mono as the backing), and a $25 rod from a local bait shop that I think was a 4/5wt. I obviously had no clue what I was doing/buying, but keep in mind I live in Iowa and this was 15 years ago before I knew what the internet was. Needless to say, I couldn't cast to save my life but I could get the rig out there slightly farther than what I could with my spinning rig. Catching fish on a fly rod was such a blast and my fishing buddies (who were as broke as I was) had some serious rod envy. I had the rod for about two years before I slammed it in the car door, went off to college/sustained myself on ramen noodles. That was the end of my FFing until now.

Can't wait for the ice to melt so I can get out there this spring and get after it. Thanks again for posting the great article
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