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Default man did i get a deal or what

was lookin around today to get a new vise...heard a lot about the Peak rotary so was lookin for a deal on them.....well i found one....was on Amazon and saw that there was one listed for $84.95.....had to look a few times since i know that they are normally $143......everything looked good so i ordered it along with the Midge jaw kit.......well low and behold the guy that owns the shop called me......he had put the wrong price for it on his site...he put the price of the non rotary on the i got a rotary Peak for was a C Clamp base which i like the pedestal so thought i would use my pedestal i have when i got it....well when the guy called he said he would switch out the c clamp for the pedestal for good is that......was gonna put in a post and let you all know what site it was untill i went back in and looked just a second ago and he has already changed it sure am glad i jumped on it thats for sure
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