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Default First post..... ever. What type of line/leader for pan fish?

So, I thought that I was a fairly advanced fly fisherman, until I started reading posts on this site. You guys are insane.... in a GOOD way. Learning an immense amount of stuff.

I've been fly fishing streams and rivers for trout and steelies for about 12 years, but Ive finally decided to take a stab at lake fishing. Mostly for crappies, bluegill, perch, small bass, etc. I've seen a lot of good suggestions for flies to use (mainly top water), but I have a few other questions related to line/leader set-up.....

What type of leader and line set-up should I be using?
If I am not using top water flies, should I be using a sinking leader?
What Weight? ( Ive got 3wt, 5wt, 9wt set-ups)

Thanks for any info. It all helps.
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