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Default First Spring Trip West

Hey to everyone! I am new to the forum, I joined to learn more and expand my abilities as a fly fisherman. I must say it is one of my favorite and most exciting activities I have as far as hobbies go.

I am from Midland, MI and have been Salmon and Steelhead fishing the rivers on the west side of the state since I was a small boy. This weekend I will be heading over to Brethren, a small town just to the east of Manistee, MI which is a huge fishery.

I come to you guys for some advice today. I when I go I will be expecting a good amount of the snow to be melted away and some high, murky water since we have had some spectacular weather this for this time of year.

I was curious if you guys could give me a set up on to get my fly to the fish. There will be deep holes and fast water. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks to all


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