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Default Re: Is 1st of July too early for dry flies on the Bighorn ?

I can read you've gotten great feedback already and will only 'second' a couple things said; such as the lack of PMD's and Tricos?

Apparently these were 'legendary hatches' on the Bighorn in the 90's and every once in a while the phone would ring and some guy who hadn't visited in forever would ask about "the trikes or PMD's" and I'd be caught off guard not knowing what they were talkin about; since over two seasons I hadn't written it on the board?

Tricos yeah, we still saw a little of this the past two seasons, but not enough to tout it like years past. Same for PMD's, we in fact did get an amazing PMD hatch in 2009, but wierdly it only lasted a few days...and weirder than that it didn't take place on the river as much as on the road to-and-from Hardin?

What I mean is it happened in the lower-river (Bighorn to Mallards) far beyond where most guys fish and one evening it was so intense; clouds of millions swarmed onto the roadway and you litterally had to drive with your windsheildwipers on and spraying water in order to see at night (a four mile stretch)?

I was told, and I cant confirm if this is true, that "the insects will confuse the reflection of the road for the river" and this is why once they were blown off the Bighorn and into the road they stayed and swarmed as they did that night?

Two days later, with barely a fisherman reporting catching anything on one; they vanished. Except for the gazzilion still stuck to the front of most every guides' truck in town.

Will they return this year...?

One other thing to factor-in is by July 1st the flows on the Bighorn, as mentioned in another thread I posted, may be around 12,000 cfs and there aint no dry fly fishing then; its all "chuck-and-duck", with lead sinkers and san juan worms and two floats a day from A to B, then another form A to 3, since the rivers moving so fast and nowhere to get out safely?

If you want, drop me a PM when you get closer to visiting and I can direct you to some great guides and a shop 'with accurate and trusted info on current conditions'; the guys who'll tell ya to 'come to the Horn only if its good', or pick somewhere else instead.

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