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Default Met up with Webrx and his buddy...

and we fished for 4-5 hours on the Truckee River and nada, zilch, zero... no dang fish. They were taunting us though, by jumping within feet of our flies, but no hookups. Dave had a hit, so I guess he wins the closest to a catch contest but Mike and I struck out...

It was great meeting up with these guys, even though I was late but neither said what I feared most "Damn you Justin, the fish were all over the place before you arrived"... it was just hard leaving the comforts of my warm bed ... anyway, like I said a couple times today "a day on the river is better than a day at work"... hope everyone else had a great Saturday getting some fishing in...

Dave let me know when you want to hit some areas in the south... E. Carson and W. Walker/ Little Walker open up on the last Saturday of April and I'm getting anxious.

- Justin

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