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Default Re: The Dette Style Coffin Fly Simply amazed me

Originally Posted by FlySlinger View Post
I think that the Dettes have had an impact on every tyer that uses hackle....not only the coffin fly....But especially the Coffin Fly.....If you will notice that the Detties Use a slightly heavier Hackle Large than most and a slightly larger wing....Much more different than most modern catskill tyers are trying to shove done our throats.....Why?? a misconception, Maybe ....I Use a Slightly oversize Hackle so ever thing must follow suite....

Thank You

If you have ever seen the naturals that these are imitating, especially where the Beaverkill and East Branch of the Delaware meet, you would not think the hackle is oversized!!

What a dry fly frenzy these hatches make for!!!

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