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Default First trip of the year/ever (IA)

Got my new rod and reel, tied up some new flies, and headed out friday for my first real fly fishing adventure. I started out at the Machester hatchery stream. I'm sure you can imagine what that first hour of fishing looked like for someone fly fishing for their first time and on a really small stream to boot. I slowly started to get the hang of it at least to the point were I was spending more time with my fly in the water than tangled up in a tree or some dried vegetation. After trying about eight different patterns with no luck I tied on a small midge and it looked like a couple of times trout at least looked in the direction of my fly so I figured I was getting closer. Then another angler suggested using a small shrimp pattern. I was in luck because I had just tied one the night before. I had already realized that I am going to need to purchase some strike indicators, especially fishing those tiny flies that disappear once they hit the water. So, I grabbed a small clump of dead grass, rolled it up, and tied it on as a strike indicator, and I can almost here your laughter as I am typing. Much to my suprise, on the second cast a 14" brookie that I had been watching all morning quickly turned his head and all the sudden my grass indicator started twitching. I pulled back and it was on... well at least for a few seconds. I wanted that fish so bad I could taste it. A few casts later a 10" bow took my fly and spit it back out just about as fast.

At this point it is pretty safe to call myself an addict. I continued at the same hole for a while with no more luck. The stream was filling up with anglers so I felt that I would be more comfortable at another stream. Ran up to a couple other streams were the water was really low and only a few small, extremely spooky fish. All-in-all it was a great day and I can't wait for my next adventure. Hopefuly next time there will be pictures to share.
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