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Default Re: fly rod for the wife? need some ideas?

It would help to know what kind of fishing she'll be doing and what kind of budget you're looking at. My worry about a 7'6" youth rod is that it might not work in the long term unless you're always in the brush - it's just not very versatile. Also, since the whole rod is youth sized, she might find the handle small unless she's youth sized too.

Unless she's the kind that would rather fish with a pink broomstick than a green z-axis, I'd not insist on a pink rod. You can definitely go with pink line though. If it must be pink, TFO makes a 8'6" 5wt. and a 9' 8wt. in translucent purple with pink lettering. Add the pink TFO case and pink line and there should be no confusing her rig with yours. I can't speak to the quality of the rod, except that I would expect it to be at least acceptable.

If you can go other than pink, there are lots of options.
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