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Default Re: fly rod for the wife? need some ideas?

I appriciate all the opinions everyone
one of the reasons i was looking at the youth yes was cause of the color and i thought it might at least get her started and show more intrest in it that way....the other reason i thought of this rod is cost....still not sure if she will take to it and i dont want to go spend a ton just yet....dont want to drop $400 on a good setup if she tries it a few times and not want to do it anymore and have a $400 setup sittin there.....even though if i had it i could still use it but i have one nice rod i really like now.....the other reason that i thought of this one was if she does take to it well and does like it and wants to continue with it and then upgrade to a nicer better quality rod later on we can still use this journey rod for my step daughter if she wanted to start....she is 10 this summer so it might get her a start as well.....that was my main thiinking of that......if i do get it for her i have heard that you shouldnt try and teach your spouse to fly fish.....not sure but Feathercraft sly shop is close to us and they give casting classes every Sat morning so i thought on a sat that we had off together i could take her up there and have an instructor give her some lessons still up in the air of what im gonna do yet she said she would like to try it and i told her if she wanted to try i would get the rod for her as a im still thinkin that i might try the journey....i know an 8'6" rod would fit her better but i want to at least see if shes interested in it first if not then i wont have lost a ton in it
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