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Default Re: Do you buy or tie?

Had to say that I don't tie.... yet.

I just got into fly fishing last year and became unemployed in September... I can't afford to really get set up to tie just yet. The former co-worker that was mentoring me said this about tying flies....

"You do it 'cuz it's relaxing. You do it 'cuz you want to make a variation you can't buy. You do it 'cuz you want the challenge of duplicating the factory stuff. But, you sure don't do it to save money! What's your time worth to you? If it takes you 15 minutes to a half hour to tie a fly and you can buy it for a dollar???? I dunno about you, but my time is worth more than $4 dollars an hour! Don't rational the cost, either do it or don't do it 'cuz you want to."

Makes sense to me.... I'll probably tie because I want to, and because I relish the challenge of mastering an art.... then I'll hit the local shop, ask what they're hitting on and buy a handful.
Steve Uhall
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