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Default Re: Bad new for fishermen from OBAMA

This article seems like a bunch of BS fear mongering to me. Very similar to what landed us in Iraq. I didn't see one thing in that article that outlined anything specific as to how the current administration is going to impact recreational angling. Hell, there wasn't even anything specific stated about how it was going to impact commercial fishing. I served in the military as an infantryman for eight years which made me appreciate the freedoms that I have been afforded even more. I am also finishing my masters degree in biology and have studied and read many peer reviewed, scientifcally sound papers on the effects that overharvesting, bicatch, and industrial pollutants have on our marine ecosystems. Believe me, this is a major problem, and if recreational anglers want to continue enjoying the sport they love they should not swallow this type of propaganda hook, line, and sinker. One of my professors is a leader in protecting the offshore reefs of Costa Rica from overharvesting. I know some of you are probably thinking that this guy is one of those greenpeace members who, according to this article, wants to ban fishing of all kinds. Actually, this same professor competes as a co-angler on the FLW bass fishing tour every summer and obviously has no problem with recreational fishing at all. The point is, conservation through governmental regulation should not be something to be fearful of. No one is trying to make you take your waders off and put your fly rod down. The truth is, we would have destroyed our marine and aquatic ecosystems long ago if it hadn't been for government regulation because we have proved time and time again that the our industries, both fishing and non-fishing, are incapable or unwilling to police themselves.

I will be the first one on the front step of the White House if there is a threat to my freedom to fish recreationally. The point of regulation and conservation is so that conditions don't get to a point were that is an option.

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Thanks for the link. You must have posted it while I was typing. It was good to see that someone else in the media was willing to call ESPN out for their lack of journalistic integrity. They should stick to sports and leave the politics to real journalists.