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Default Re: Material swap......

Originally Posted by simmons_j_m View Post
We do something like this on a cigar forum I'm a part of. There's a bunch of cigars (or in this case materials) that are sent out and first to recieve can take up to five, but must replace them with an equal value cigar. Rare items must be replaced by rare items, etc... in this case, no one can take a whiting cape and replace it with five spools of thread...

Sounds fun...

i think its a neat idea but i agree with Simmons...did this on a Bass Fishing forum i was a big part of...the first few too the most expensive baits and replaced them with the time it got around to the guy that had started was pretty much all junk lures which makes for bad feelings and so on.....its a neat idea but i think if done there needs to be somekind of $$ limit on what goes in.....or something to that effect....if you were to put say a Whiting cape in that is a value of $90 or so would be hard to replace it with something of the same value for some such as me who is starting out..heck my capes are all $30 Bass Pro brand capes...if that all makes sense
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