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Default Re: Keep or Release ??

It depends on the fish. The steelhead in your example is a good one. A couple of weeks ago I was with a friend and he landed a 41" 20 lb hatchery steelhead (conventional tackle). That sucker went home and is going on the wall. We really want the spawning fish to be wild to keep the strain as pure as possible. The hatchery fish are used as sport and food. In ID you have to release wild steelhead (they have an adipose fin).

As for other fish I would release (and have) in most cases. Our trout are too precious and take so long to attain trophy sizes. I only keep fish that I am going to eat, which is pretty uncommon. I dont like to eat trout.

Monster carp close to a record is going home. I guess it also depends on the shape of the fish. If for some reason the fish is injured, such as a hook in the gills. I would rather keep it than release it to die. I handle all of my fish very carefully, and make all attempts to revive. Sometimes it just happens.

Replicas have come a long way. I take measurements and plenty of photos.
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