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Default Re: Keep or Release ??

Yoffione's answer seems reasonable enough to me.

t.o.o., you say this is not debate on catch/release or catch/keep... well, it can easily turn into one now. You may have just reopened that same ol' can of worms.

It is not my duty to pass judgment on anyone's catch and eat/release philosophy as long as its legal and its not a detriment to the fish they release. So, I can't tell you what to do. I can only express my behavior and leave it at that.

Personally, I don't keep. I have released every single fish that I've caught since taking up the sport of fly fishing. I practice C.P.R. "Catch, Photograph and Release".

I'd rather buy my fish ready to cook at the market than to deal with the hassle of cleaning them myself. Plus the market fish are usually farm raised and taste much better anyway.

I don't have room on my walls to hang such a trophy. I don't want to pay the very high price to get a fish mounted or to purchase a replica. So, if its a trophy, I will take a pic and immediately and safely release.

I'm not a tree hugger or anything similar but I do think that certain fish in certain situations really should be released.

I also understand the idea of thinning out the heard for the betterment of the fish population. I'll just let someone else take care of that for me. There is enough catch and keep folks out there to make up for my catch and release.

Anyway, you should stay true to yourself. If you want to keep... then keep it.

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