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Default Re: Keep or Release ??

I have watched the issue of "keep or not to keep" for several years now. I think that both sides have valid points and concerns, and I firmly believe, like so many other things in life, the issue is one of being sensible about what we do, how we represent ourselves as true sportsmen, and using good ole' common sense. ( which by the way seems to be in very short supply these days)

First, is there anything wrong with keeping a few fish for dinner? No, absolutely not. Is there a problem with some "game hog" keeping every fish he catches and putting them in the freezer like a Leprechaun hording gold? You bet? In areas where pressure is a problem and fish are being over harvested, there needs to be very aggressive conservation methods put into place to let the fishery rest and rebuild. In areas where that is not a problem, I believe normal size and quantity limits are more than adequate to allow the fishermen to keep some fish and allow the fishery to be productive. As far as trophies are concerned, my belief is that replicas are the way to go. I just feel the replicas are so good these days and can be made to exact specs. so well, there is really no reason to kill any trophy - takes some pics, get a replica, and let someone else have the thrill!
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