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to the forum!:

Most of us started out with bait and hook and then did what your doing and made the switch. The old adage:"Bowhunting's for folks that dont like to kill deer and fly fishing's for folks that dont like to catch fish"; is only a temporary thing when your starting out.

Once you get the hang of it (bowhunting too); its a lot of fun and you wont regret taking up as a sport.

Using the bowhunting analogy again- when your fly fishing you'll need to approach the same sport -those monster trout; like moster deer- you've easilly caught with bait or 'shot with gun'; with a bit more stealth and change your approach - even too the very stream your fishing.

Dont get backlit, wear natural colors, and be aware of your wake as it alerts fish when entering and wading a stream.

Your fly rod is essentially the bow and your line and fly are the arrow and that was officially the lamest abuse of an anology I've ever attempted and I need to stop now...sorry.

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