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Default Re: Do I Need A Special Rod For Alaska?

Wilky, I have been up to the Ak 12 times in twelve years. For the first 5 years i carried a LARGE caliber handgun, and never saw a bear within 100 yards of or brown. So I quit carrying one up from pennsylvania with me. 3 years ago, the sockeye piled up in Skilak Lake and for some reason would run out, and on up the Kenai. That year, the first week of August, I saw 17 bear in one day, 10 of them browns. I had no gun. The crowds were down, and I wish fishing near the ferry at the Russian River sanctuary. Two, two year old brown bear cubs (each about 500 pounds) stole my backpack and shredded it looking for the Hershey bar I had in the front pouch. The back pack was on shore less that 3 steps from me when they stole it. I had blackies that trip within 2 feet of me looking for my stringer. With all that said, I didn't need a gun, but if it would have turned ugly.......well I don't think about it.

The very next year, the 454 was on my hip. Oh, if you are not VERY familiar with drawing and firing a huge handgun rapidly under a pressure situation,(practice, practice, practice) leave the gun at home. Buy the bear spray...results vary, but you are more likely to be successful with pepper spray than with an unpracticed handgun. Just my opinion.

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