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Default Re: Fly box from Allen & Co

Thought folks might like to know what it is like dealing with Justin from AllenFlyFishing - I ordered 4 of the fly boxes from Justin on Sunday 3/7, and he advised that they would ship the following Monday. I went fishing for several days during the week, so I did not get back until Friday, after waiting for a possible Saturday delivery, I sent Jason a PM late Saturday 3/13 night and advised that I had not received the fly boxes. Jason said they had shipped, but apparently were lost in the USPS mail. He said he would immediately ship out a new set of fly boxes on Monday or Tuesday, and would also follow up with a couple of magnetic net holders when he got them back in stock as an apology for the delay.

Well, yesterday (Friday 3/19) I got the shipment from Jason, and he went over the top in making up for a delayed shipment! Jason included TWO extra fly boxes and FOUR magnetic net holders. Talk about customer service - WOW! And this was to make up for a lost/delayed shipment that was in all probability not even Jason's fault. Jason definitely hit the outstanding mark for his customer service!

I am very pleased with the quality of the fly boxes - they look better than the SA box that my friend just bought, and when I told him what they cost his chin almost hit the floor. Definitely some very nice fly boxes! The magnetic net holders are also very nice, small in physical size, which means light in weight, but WOW are they strong! I have not had a chance to measure the pull strength, but they appear to be much stronger than the one I currently use, which cost twice what Jason is asking for his net holders. The fact that they came in multiple colors definitely caught my daughter's attention.

There is no question that I will give Jason my highest recommendation - I will buy from him again with no hesitation, and I will recommend buying from him to anyone who is looking for FF products. Thanks again Jason!
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