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Default Re: Fly line color, does it matter?

If black is the best color from a reflection standpoint, then why are almost all saltwater fly lines either sand or some light color (even light blue)?

I am not doubting that some articles and books have stated black is good and light is bad, but for me that simply does not make much logical sense. Any color line will show as a "crack" in a mirror surface, but the closer the color to the "silvered" mirror color the hard it should be to see the "crack" line.

Until someone can get a fish to tell them what is best, I will take my cue from nature, fish are dark on top, and light on the bottom, so that prey species do not see them when they are looking down (dark blends with the bottom) or looking up (light blends with the sky/mirror). This may be a simple way to look at this issue, but it make logical sense to me.

jbbfly - I agree with you, I do not care for the bright orange or optic green lines either. I prefer a pale moss green or a willow (off-white) flyline.
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