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Default Re: Do I Need A Special Rod For Alaska?

Hmmmmm, which rod to take. First time I went to Alaska, I took 18 rods. Now in my defense there were three other guys going and a couple were spares for them.

The last time I went I took 3 rods. My primary is a custom built 5/6 wt and I took a 5 wt St. Croix as a spare and I took one heavy spinning rod for Red Fishing.

First time we took 2 pistol grip 12 guages and one .357 pistol. I replaced the 12 guage with a SW 500. There were 9 of us on the second trip and a couple guys took smaller revolvers .44's.

Both trips we spent quite a bit of time in "Bear Country" and saw a handfull of bears from as close as sniffing around our tents and standing on the River with us to lumbering across the trails we were on.

Best weapon I took was advice from Alaskans, others who have been there, and books that were recommended.

When the bear came into our campsite, while it made us all a bit big eyed. Nobody paniced. When I spoke to the park ranger and told him we would be camping along the Russian River he told me there would be a good chance bears may come around our tents.

We expected it would happen and made sure there was no food in the tents, the area was clean and while curioustiy may bring them in, we made sure there was nothing there to keep him around.

For many reasons I consider my trips to Alaska to be periods of time where I was living life to the fullest.

This should give you a laugh.

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