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Default Re: keep losing flies!

Hey! First post here. My thanks to everyone for a great forum and a great source of info. I've been reading this board for a few years now and learned a great deal about fishing and tying.

Anyway, I would recommend to any beginner, or anyone else who doesn't already know how to, that they learn how to roll cast. With a series of roll casts I can easily get my line out 50 - 60 ft. accurately while standing with my back literally up against a cliff.

Like anything else, it takes practice and patience to learn but once you've mastered it the roll cast will become just as important as the basic cast when fishing small streams and rivers. It will also allow you to fish spots you wouldn't otherwise be able to. Riverbanks, brush, trees and even other fisherman become non factors when searching out new lies.

Once you've learned how to roll cast you can then integrate it into your basic casting. Say you have just finished a drift. You would now normally strip in X amount of line and begin your casting sequence again. With a roll cast you can leave all your line on the water, then roll cast your line into the air, go directly into a normal back cast, then just shoot your fly back upstream for another drift.......

Simple right?


practice and patience......

Fly Fishing "Roll Cast" from The Angling

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