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Default Still too @#$%***cold!

Ventured out yesterday and found out how out of shape (coordination and casting muscles) I am. Afraid to take my new rod (store-bought, not homemade) and mounted my trusty Martin automatic (I know this offends some of you) and as I was rigging rod, the @#$%^**reel came apart. Back to truck, changed reels, rerigged and since there was nothing happening on the surface, tried a weighted nymphy-type fly (very first time I've ever used a weighted fly) that sunk like a rock. On the first cast, I dredged the fly out of the depths of the pond, along with a chunk of goopy algae and wrapped the line around my head and a handy tree. By the time I got untangled, I made a few more casts and caught several more goopy clumps of algae and then the fishing gods saw that I had a fly rod and fired up the wind (gentle breeze of 15-20 mph). Although someone "last week" caught an obviously mentally challenged crappie, there were no signs of any fish doing anything anywhere.
Went home, ate supper, took Motrin and dreamed about big, fat, bedding bream. Maybe next week?
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