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Default Re: Rigging up a dropper

For a hopper-dropper, simply slide a hopper up your tippet to the point you want it to float and tie in a clinch knot, by twisting the fly and threading the long tag. Then tie on the point fly, usually a nymph with whatever terminal knot you use, I use a Davy. And no, tying a dropper from the eye doesn't bother the float in my view.

To add a dropper at the tippet knot, often a heavier fly to get deeper and allow the point fly to hover (ie.Euro rig), simply tie a perfection loop on a section of lighter tippet already attached to the nymph, and large enough for the nymph to pass through. I think making this short, in the 4 to 6 inch range helps prevent tangles. Then add this dropper above the tippet knot with a simple cow hitch, in other words, thread the nymph through the perfection loop around the standing line and above the tippet knot. Tighten down, and it will stay at the tippet knot. Taking it back off is just as easy. You can use this rig to add weight too as a sacrificial tag.
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