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Default Re: Idaho canoe fishing

I'm in Poky. Still haven't figured out how I'm carrying the canoe on the truck. Lumber rack would be awesome, but a bit rich for my blood. It would be easy if I had a shell on the truck, but I don't. I'll probably cobble something together.

If you don't know much about canoeing, stop by your local scout office and grab a copy of the canoeing merit badge book. All the important stuff, less of the fluff. Most important strokes are J, then Draw. I also use a sculling stroke a lot for fine maneuvering, though I'm amazed at how few people know it. (You can probably just google these, they aren't tough but require a bit of practice to get good at.)

If you're fishing solo, sit in the bow seat and face backwards, you'll get a better weight distribution that way and it will be easier to stay on course. (The bow seat is the one that's farther from an end.) The down-side of a canoe is that they tend to catch the wind - they can be tricky to manage solo in moderate wind.

For a paddle, I'd start out with a cheap plastic one, or whatever is on sale at your local shop. You can upgrade later easily and the plastic will be a good spare. I like one that comes up to my nose in length. Life Jacket fit is more important, given that you'll likely be casting in it.

That's all the canoeing tips I have at the moment. We're off to Crystal springs in an hour or so.
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