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Default Re: SA GPX Mastery Lines, Brand New

WOW what a difference. I am just starting out in fly fishing and bought the Cabela's Prestige line in a 5 wt when they had it on sale for $15. The tip sank and on the second trip out I noticed that there was a crack at the base of the welded loop.

Bought this line from Frank and took it out to a local pond to try it out. Even though it was windy I noticed a huge difference. I was roll casting with ease even though I have very little experience.

All I had to do was pinch the line between my thumb and index finger and you could really feel how much smoother the SA GPX was over the Cabela's line.

I made some casts up in the grass and I was casting just as far if not further (60+ feet) with a 10-15 MPH wind as I was with the other line on a calm day.

It has been my experience that you don't always need the best of the best to have an enjoyable fishing experience, but coming from a begginer, I can honestly say that having this line makes a HUGE difference in my casting abilities. I don't doubt that this will lead to catching more fish.

I can tell you that if you are a begginer, and are concidering buying cheap line, don't! This is one area that, as a fellow begginer, I can attest makes a huge difference.
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