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Bruce- you don't NEED a rotary vice to tie showcase flies or fishing flies. A rotary does make it easyer to look at the fly while in your vise, its great for doing ribbing on long streamers and some use it for wrapping hackle. I guess if you really wanted to you could find a whole bunch of things to do. I guess its like buying a car and getting power windows and air conditioning for the first time. Once you have it you would never go back to a stripped down model. If you are thinking of upgrading to another vise then I definatly would go with a rotary. A renzetti traveler or the dyna king cuda jr. would be my only choice for something close to the price range of the other vises. When looking at them make sure its a true rotary that the hook shank can be centered in the turning radius and that the hook holding end of the jaw will not be to close to the arm or other components to cramp you in.
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