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Default re: Truckee river (CA not NV)

Originally Posted by Bigfly View Post
Mosca, come on up, be good to meet ya. maybe introduce you to some of my
"leetle friends". Bring your low rider Skwallassz 12-10 and some BWO dries, and v small clump midges too.
Midges, and BWO droppers sz 22 aren't a bad idea.
Ice out on the lakes, might that interest yee?
Check my profile on fly fishing Pics of a few fish there, added to the gallery here as well.
Give me a phone call, I'm in the field more than on line. You also, Justin.

Jim, we'll hook up to wet a line soon... I won't be getting out for a couple weeks now with Easter on the horizon and out of town the next couple weekends. By the middle of next week, even with the storm they're calling for, I'll be jonesing to get on the water.

I'll give you a call as soon as I know I can make it out... I'm due for one of them large browns I hear are coming out of the Truckee!

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