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Default Re: Is it a new Fly pattern or an Old one?

THe idea here is to have fun and create. Glad to hear you will play it safe Reactor.. not worth the fines.

Oddest material....... how about a fly I just entered into a local contest in which the other tyers have to guess not only the name of the fly...but what it is made of. None of them come in here so I can tell you it's called the Triple Ginny......... because in it I use guinea fowl ......guinea pig....... and Yes..Irishmans(Ginny) beard hair. Now beat that for wierd materials.

1. Need a free source of gossamer wing material.....try the white paper thin sheets of packing foam/film used to wrap picture frames. (Know anybody who works at Walmart? ......comes in the shipping boxes)
2. Looking for high flotation foam for making bass bugs...... go to walmart and buy the brightly colored "foam" letters. Cut the letter "H" up and you can get 12 good sized poppers. Spin the blocks on a drill or dremel tool and use emery boards to shape them. Brace the free end against block of wood with a nail sticking out........ and keeep it slower than max.
3. Know any hunters? I trade flies for fur and feathers...not just loaclly but on the net as well.

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