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Default Re: Heading to the Bahamas

If you have not fished for bonefish before you definately want to get guide. On my first trip to the islands i thought I would go DIY, I mean how hard can it be to:
1. find a place that is firm enough to wade;
2. see a fish that is perfectly camouflaged;
3. make a great 40-50 ft. cast into a 10 to 15 mph wind so that you do not spook a fish that spends 24/7 trying not to be eaten by sharks, barracudas and osprey;
4. retreive the fly in a realistic manner;
5. be able to see the fish take your fly so that you know when to set the hook, because you won't feel the take;
6. land a fish that can easily get you into your backing twice.

A good guide will either have you fish from the boat or know where you can wade; he will help you see the fish; he will position you so that your chances of making a good cast are greatly improved; he will give you direction on the retreive and hook set and the landing.
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