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Default Re: How Many Fly Rods Do You Own

I am kinda embarrassed to say but I have a plethera (cool word,uncool spelling) of rod's.I sometimes feel like a drug addict that has to hide his stash so other's wont know just how hooked he is.
I have about 23 or so,although only 4or5 see the light of day during the run of a season.I do make a effort to break out a couple of the "lookers" every season just to remind myself why I bought them in the first place.I have a couple that I dont dare fish either because of fear of damaging them or because of total impractalcality such as my 0 weight's 1's and 2's,and my 9 and 10 weight's,as I have no use for such rod's any longer.
I am the first to admit I am a horder when it comes to rod's,some call me a collector but i'n my mind a collector has a valuable collection with a few rare or very valuable rod's sprinkled in,my pile of stick's is graced by only med to high range rod's.Like I said I am a horder.
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