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Default Re: Rafters Vs. Fisherman

While I don't canoe rivers with the exception of a very wide and flat section of the Snake here in Idaho, I do fly fish from a canoe and love it. I do however see the occasional white water canoeist manuvering without regard to guys and gals fishing riffles and pocket water. Same thing with Kayaks but they seem to be more mindful of fisherman.
I think more experienced and seasoned paddlers are ususally more considerate and skilled enough to controll their craft so as to not interfere with a fly fisherman. I, myself have encountered rafters on the Truckee in California and simply stripped my line in and waved hello as they drifted past. Mind you they had guides with them but I didn't think it was a big thing to let them pass.
If you have a fish on and a raft or a canoe comes around an upstream bend from you, tailing out of white, fast water, I don't know what the etiquette is but I know that it is a recipe for hard feelings although both the angler and the boater did not plan, want nor could they prevent a problem at least some of the time.
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