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Guys thanks for all the responses so far. A little background, I live in North West TN. I fish with a 7'6" 4wt rod. So far, most of the gills I've been catching have fallen to size 12 black foam spiders. I've caught a fair share of gills on a gold version of that bead head and several gills on the black gnat pattern dressed with goop and fished on the surface. I've also been catching several on a size 10 black and olive wooly bugger.

As far as the bead head goes, I received it from somebody in North Carolina that I had asked help for via the net. That was a while back and I don't have his contact info. I can't seem to figure out anything that really looks close but if there's a way I could send it to somebody to investigate and possibly tie some new ones in a gold color? They don't seem to like the gold.

Thanks again. You guys are making me feel at home real quick.
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