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Default Re: Cracked Fly Line

Without making any public announcements, Rio has been having this problem with the Rio Gold fly lines cracking and breaking at the loop and in the body of the line. I have had two Rio Gold lines (WF4F & WF5F) break at both the loop and in the body - Rio was also very nice to me and agreed to replace the lines immediately (although I did have to wait about 4 weeks on the WF4F due to ongoing manufacturing problems). The last time I sent the line in to be replaced, the customer service rep admitted that they had been having some problems during the initial manufacturing runs of the Gold line, but that they believed that they had resolved those issues.

However, the replacement lines don't seem to be any better; after fishing for a couple of weeks this spring I noticed that the WF5F line already has the same break (again) about 2 ft up from the loop. I have already had this Rio Gold WF5F line replaced twice by Rio, the first time when the loop broke (on the 4th day I used it) and the 2nd time when the line broke just about where ddombos2 reported - right where the end of the double-line portion of the welded loop ends.

I have used other Rio lines in the past (Rio Grand) and have never had any fly line (SA, Cortland or Orvis) cut or break as easily as the Rio Gold. I have seen several reports in other forums where folks have reported that the outer surface of the Rio Gold is simply too soft and will not hold up to even a minimal amount of usage.

I believe I will (again) just cut off the line at the break and re-nail my leader butt (Amnesia line) and continue fishing it. I am not going to ask Rio to replace it for a 3rd time - seems to be a lost cause. After I get a couple more years out of the line I will replace it with an SA line or something else that does not have the ongoing quality issues that the Rio Gold line has been having. I like Rio products, but their Rio Gold fly line is just a poor product!

BTW - all my use of the Rio Gold fly lines have been on medium fast rods, fishing spring streams for small to average trout, with a combination of nymphing and dry flies. These lines were not abused in any way. They just seem to lack basic good quality.
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