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Default Re: Cracked Fly Line

ddombos2 - re: the Rio Gold lfly lines I have had issues with; I have no idea when those lines were manufactured. Where would I find that information? Some code on the box or spool? I bought them both in 2008, had them both replaced in mid-late 2008, and had the WF5F replaced a 2nd time in mid 2009.

Ard - Regarding the use of a epoxied braided loop becomng hinged....I have only used a couple of braided loops and have not experienced that issue. When a line with the epoxied braided loop becomes hinged, does it then start to sink due to absorbing water? One of the biggest issues with the hinging of the Rio lines right behind the welded loop section is that it immediately starts absorbing water and sinks. The extra weight of the water also makes your casting loops get really ugly!

Regarding the welded front loops breaking that both ddombos2 mentioned, I too have found that eventually all welded loops eventually wear out, regardless of brand. However, certainly not after being used for only 4 days! I eventually replace all welded loops with a leader butt made out of Amnesia line, nail knotted to the fly line and then with a Perfection Loop on the other end to engage the loop on the leader.

The break that I just found on my WF5F that is a couple of feet up the fly line is not just "checked" (e.g. the outer surface cracked) it is actually broken clear through the entire plastic portion of the fly line down to the inner core, which then also absorbs water and sinks. I would have to check my notes, but I have been using this 2nd replaced fly line since late last summer (or early last fall) so it has a bit more time on it, but again, certainly not enough to be cracking and breaking as it has done.

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