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Lakes - Streamers,Buggers and Clousers
Streams - Buggers and Clousers
BH Patterns and Streamers
Dry Fly - Adams Parachute or Elk Hair Caddis
Caddis - BH Caddis Larva or Elk Hair
Hoppers - Para Hopper
Nymph - Pheasant Tail or Hares Ear (BH)

My all around favorite pattern I like is one I tie myself.
It's called a killer caddis. I use a Daiichi 1250 BL hook,
caddis beads(small), and haretron. Used as a dropper it's
dynamite in spring creeks and tailwaters. Pattern is as follows:

Hook - D1250BL #14 - #16
Tag - Caddis Green Dubbing
Body - 4 to 5 Caddis Green Beads
Head - Black Haretron (Dubbing Loop)

You can tie variations galor with the availability of
beads and dubbing. I just prefer caddis green because
of where I use it.
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