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Default Re: Shad on the Potomac

Shad on the Rappahannock.
I'm just south of you in VA. That's the same Shad fly I have been using for the last 2 years. I found a broken one 2 years ago...copied it and it's been a 'killer'. Most of the Shad on the Rappahannock are Hickory and every now and then we'll get an American.
I use it single or as a dropper on a #1 or #2 Olive Clouser. I got 20 last Monday and that's in 90 minutes. I missed that many I suspect on the #1 Clouser. They were hitting and I was catching on both Monday. Due to their small mouths, I think most of the misses were on the Clouser.
I'm still looking for that 50-60+ day. I had one last year and I thought my arm would fall off. The guy infront of me had to have caught 100! He had to quit only because he could no longer cast his fly out and could no longer bring them in. He was 'toast', but he was beaming from ear to ear.
This is the peak. So if you have never fished for Shad.Get out!..It's a blast!
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