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Default Re: The Fly Fishing Wife


I taught my wife how to fly fish... at least so I thought. The first time I took her fishing was on the San Juan River in NM. I hired a guide to take care of her so I could fish. She caught more fish and bigger fish. The next time I took her fishing, I had to do everything for her. I hardly got to fish. She was totally inept. She got her fly stuck in here cheek. I must admit that I had fun removing it. I don’t take her fishing anymore unless I hire a guide to take care of her. Then we can both enjoy the day.

As a fly fishing instructor, I have had many female students take my course because they couldn’t learn from their husband. The husbands always say “she won’t listen to me so maybe she’ll listen to you.” One of the fastest growing segments of fly fishing is women getting interested in fly fishing. They also make some of my better casters. They seem to relax and finesse the cast more than the guys.

I’m happy to see that you and Mike have patched thing up. He’s really a good guy. He’s just sometimes taken the wrong way. I’ve never met anyone strictly via the internet that I could call a friend until I met the Fanatic.

OK Momma… keep posting. We’ll help you all we can!!! We have some truly qualified instructors on this forum. Doug Macnair is one of them and he is very knowledgeable. I've seen that you've gotten his advise before.

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