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Default 11 Mile Canyon 4/02/2010

Pulled up short of the catch and release section at some of my favorite holes that a lot of guys overlook on their way to the "good area." Once again, the deadly combo was a pink san juan on top with a #20 RS2 on bottom underneath a single split shot. Did well in a short amount of time, netting several rainbows and a brown all in the 10-14" and LDRing a couple more.

After the last rainbow I was ready to leave, but got hung up on that "one more cast" and had to traverse the river to free it, which put me in a good position to throw a drift to some deep water next to a couple boulders. Felt a good tug, set the hook and saw a nice long flash of silver and started to get excited. After a couple minute battle, I got her close to the surface and then I got really excited, not by the size, but by what'd I just caught:

Click the image to open in full size.

My very first Northern on a fly, fair hooked in the top lip, amazingly, without cutting my line. I decided to let that really be my last cast and left for home.
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