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Default Re: US Youth Fly Fishing Team

Gentlemen, Just an update on progress with our US Youth Fly Fishing Team. Next weekend, we will be holding our Spring Clinic and Tryouts for young anglers wishing to be involved in competitive fly fishing. We have 35 flyfishermen from all over the US (Conn, NY Georgia, Texas, Calif. Colorado, NJ, PA, NC) We anticipate selecting 10 of the best for the team to join the 5 we have from last year. After further training and practice, 6 kids will attend the Youth World Championships in Slovakia in August. We also have a team of 5 going to South Africa for an international competition in July. In Sept. we will have a team of 6 participate in the America Cup competition in Colorado. We compete against all ages and teams and usually do very well. Last year, one of the kids finished 7th overall in our US Adult Nationals.
The kids on the team are avid anglers who live for this stuff. Almost all of them are exceptional students as well. We have had competitiors earning full scholarships to prestigious universities, play cello in a symphony orchestra, write magazine articles in a leading fly tying magazine, and so on.
The spark that lights the fire for them is that competition is on the frontier edge of flyfishing skills and innovations. It takes them beyond the recreational level, and enriches their fishing experiences. Plus, the bond and friendships they create often will last a lifetime. These kids are our fishing ambassadors. They represent the best the US has and live up to the ideal of true sportsmen.
We are always looking for new kids to give us a try. We lose a number of kids each year due to age limits. Checkout the website at United States Youth Fly Fishing Team. If you have a son or daughter between ages 14 and 18 who might be interested, have them contact us. It is a worthwhile experience.
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