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Default Re: US Youth Fly Fishing Team

jbbfly, Thank you for the info. I would love to have a friendship with coaches and managers from all the international teams. I know the French are always in the top 2 or 3 teams for the world championship. They are great fishermen and I know we could learn a lot from them. Many European countries have large competitive fly fishing organizations and train and develop their anglers much more effectively than we can here in the US. We are a new organization and learning as we go along. We are growing and getting a good reputation in our own country. The US does not have a lot of interest in competitive fly fishing at present, but we are making progress winning new fans every day. Thanks to our coaches and kids, we will continue to grow, and, perhaps, we may win a world championship some day soon. Tell your friend Jan I would be delighted to correspond with him any time at all, if he would like.
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