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Default Sage FLi and Launch Fly Rods


I'm fairly new to fly fishing and a first timer on the forum. I've been fishing with a pretty crappy outfit so far. It's gotten the job done, but it's a no name cheap $75 rig.

I'm about to buy two new fly rods tonight. I'm looking at getting a Sage FLi 7' 3 weight (2 pieces), for several small streams in my area, and a Sage Launch 9' 6 weight (4 pieces) for a bit bigger fishing and a travel rod. I've never bought anything made by Sage before but of course have heard great things.

Does anyone have any advice regarding these two lower end Sage fly rods? I thought I'd check around before dropping off the bucks. I really love the way the rods look, they look beautiful, but I thought I would ask and see if anyone thinks I'm making a mistake by purchasing a lower end model Sage rod. I think they will work very well and have heard good things, but thought I'd throw a feeler out here to see if anyone had complaints before I make the order tonight.

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