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Originally Posted by Auntie Em View Post
I know you've seen the picture I've posted before, with what a fishing/lightening rod looks like after a minor strike. I'd be in the car before the lightening happens ... at the first distant sound of thunder!!!
Actually that is the safest thing to do - meteorologists say that lightening can leap ahead and strike up to several miles from where it last hit. So when you see lightening in the distance, or hear thunder, even several miles away, the safest thing to do is get out of the water.

As mentioned, the lightening does not even have to hit you, it can just hit the water any where near you - and of course, holding those 9' graphite lightening rods up in the air really does not help the situation at all.

Now I have to admit, like Rip, I have stayed in the water when I heard thunder and it was raining, and the fishing really turned on - I had a blast (no pun intended). But when I see the first flash of lightening, I am out of there!
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