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Not really fly fishing related but it is lightning related. When I was 14 I was golfing with an older gentleman I got paired up with. It was an august afternoon so we got thunderstorms later in the days, (southwest Wyoming). When we got on the 11th T box there was some lighting getting pretty close, the guy I was golfing with said lets wait this out under one of the lightning shelters. As we were waiting it out a guy playing by himself played through. The 11th T box has a metal chain link fencer near it, less than 4 ft away. As he was in his back swing, lighting struck the fence. It was the loudest thing Ive heard to this day. Needless to say he was missing hair on one side of his body. He packed his clubs up and ran to the clubhouse. We didn't feel too bad cause we suggested he wait it out with us. I felt really lucky I got paired up the wiser Gentleman cause I probably would have kept playing.
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