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Default Re: Fly Fishing Louisiana

I actually work for a major oil company in the gulf. Let me tell you something.. They are doing so much for this problem words can not say. You should know by now the news makes everything look so bad and nothing of the good that is happening. But I do agree with you on the venture of my little guide company. I hope it does not impact it to much, the one advantage I have is I fish in the Lake Charles area and it is LOADED with shallow fish tailing all over so I can get my banshee right in there and let someone with a fly smoke them.
I still hope to see some of you northern type people coming down here and fighting one of these 20 to 40 pound reds in 6 to 12 inches of water.. it is SICK..
"nickname came from me fishing in the HT Redfish cup and getting stuck every day of prefish at least 3 times and then getting stuck both days of the tournament."

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