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Default Re: Allen Fly Fishing - Fly Lines

My WFF 6 line arrived today. There was a tag on the end with the welded loop that said "ATTACH THIS END TO REEL" or words to that effect.

The LOOP end to the reel? I figured the tag was wrong and started to spool it on with the plain end to the backing. I thought I detected the diameter growing very soon after starting to reel it on, so then I decided to reverse it, as I *have* seen lines with a loop at the reel end.

I spooled it all on, cut off the loop and used a nail knot to attach some 25 # Maxima and then put a perfection loop in it. Took it out and casted it, and it seemed to cast fine.

Now I think I may be an idiot, because another guy on another board just received one of these and he decided the tag was wrong too, and says he is sure the loop end is the business end.

I am confused and embarassed. I might have judged it wrong, but mine sure seems to cast well spooled on the way I ended up. I guess I better check it one more time though... are those tags on the wrong end?
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